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The Situation
Legacy Handyman Services is a local handyman looking to establish itself and stand out among other handyman services.

Creating a brand for a handyman service that is cohesive and conveys a sense of trust. Also separating Legacy Handyman in both language and visual language from other handyman services.

We live in the day and age that anyone swinging a hammer thinks they are a handyman. Finding an actual handyman that is trustworthy, reliable, and dependable is more work than the projects they 
need to work on.

At Legacy Handyman we provide quality, honest, and dependable service. We aim to provide homeowners with an unexpected level of excellence unmatched in the industry.


Without quality work done on and in your home the burden of fixing it lies strictly on your shoulders.

At Legacy Handyman, we invest in the lives of homeowners, therefore, adding value to their lives and their homes.

When we invest in the homeowner with integrity and excellence this allows us to labor boldly and effectively delivering moments of change that ripple through peoples lives


Expect Excellence

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