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The Situation
Andrew Welk started in real estate back in 2008 and has been on several real estate teams until 2019. Not long after going out on his own, he formed The Andrew Welk Group to help people, buyers, and sellers in Real Estate throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. After being on teams for about 10 years he knew that there was a better way. His goal for The Andrew Welk Group puts God as the focus of the business. 
When we put God and our faith in Christ first, everything 
else falls into place.

Relationships suffer when agents put profits first. The Andrew Welk Group rejoices in serving people with total abandon. This allows agents to thrive, creating a legacy of abundance.


In today’s market agents feel the pull to operate at a high capacity with an even more efficient output. The lure of increasing profits. The demands of the housing market. Focusing on this only deepens consideration. If agents allow these forces to drive their decision-making, unintentional neglect can become commonplace.

The Andrew Welk Group is dedicated to developing agents by giving them the tools to kindle responsibility and prioritize people as our sole purpose.

With a positive approach, clarity, and motivation for serving, agents can change, not only themselves but others around them.

We are focused on the future. We are focused on the now.

We are focused on your experience being better.

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