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The Situation
Project Great Life is a startup health and wellness brand looking to build a community and brand around making every moment count toward getting healthy and fully embracing living.

We are living every day with an unsatisfied hunger, just. plain. hunger. This drives us toward settling, and when we settle, this allows life to pass us by. We need to hunger for an active life, one that is simple, brings joy, and a zeal for the future.

If our zeal for life, our hunger for living an active life fades, then we find ourselves in this cycle of exhaustion and a feeling of being unmotivated.

Project Great Life is about building a common unity through a hunger for an active life so that proactive living is real. Living like this sets into motion an exuberance for asking, what is possible?


Without quality work done on and in your home the burden of fixing it lies strictly on your shoulders.

At Legacy Handyman, we invest in the lives of homeowners, therefore, adding value to their lives and their homes.

When we invest in the homeowner with integrity and excellence this allows us to labor boldly and effectively delivering moments of change that ripple through peoples lives

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