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The Situation
Polly Perry is working on a 5-6 year transition plan from her professional career to becoming a licensed real estate agent. Her choice to become an agent is supported by her husband who is a broker and they have dreams of building something together. She genuinely wants to calm the fears and anxieties of people buying and selling their homes through clear communication and authentic relationships so they know what to expect. We want to take time and put forth an effort to build a solid foundation for Polly that will sustain her business well into the future.

Most homeowners struggle to 
buy or sell their home. 

Polly guides them with 
confidence and clarity. 

When they are clear & confident 
in making the right decision, 
then homeownership is 
full of joy and delight.


Our elation and joy during the home-buying process drift from existence when agents don’t value our peace of mind over their own. Other agents can lack in quality, and daily habits that create an environment of acceptance and value. They often are inexperienced with negotiating and complex contracts. This lack of experience can pass on unnecessary anxieties and stress to homowners.

Our attention is then pulled in every direction. Every direction except focusing on what matters most, maintaining the joy in our home.
Through her deep understanding of real estate, Polly supports & guides us towards a decision, the right decision.

Polly will deal with the ever-changing conditions and ensure that we are continually informed during buying or selling their home. Giving us a carefree experience. Seeking the truth in all situations and saying what needs to be said no matter the cost. This candidness builds trust through transparency.

She is dedicated in equiping homeowners with the tools that lead to making good decisions and navigating an otherwise complicated process.

Now we have the mental space to focus on turning our house into a home and when it is all said and done we are confident you will be delighted.

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